Children's Footwear - Adaptive Clothes
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Children's Footwear

Children's Footwear - "Easy Fit" system to use with AFO's



An entirely new kind of shoe. 

The Hatchback brand was born from frustration of a new parent struggling to put a pair  of shoes on the foot of a toddler. Hatchbacks developed and patented a hinged shoe that opened from the back to make it easy to fit a toddler with shoes.

For two years Hatchbacks produced toddler shoes that were sold through JCPenney, AAFES stores and various other outlets). Something quite unexpected happened along the way to building a space in the toddler shoe market. Requests for a shoe designed specifically for AFOs (Ankle, Foot, Orthotics) was born.  

Parents and PT's partnered with Hatchback to develop a shoe utilizing our patented "easy fit" system for use with AFO's. 

Hatchbacks Children's Orthopedic Shoes are fun and functional, exclusively designed for use over AFO, DAFO and other custom inserts. Our goal is to provide families with products and information that will educate and aid them in their everyday life.