G - Tube Access - Adaptive Clothes
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G - Tube Access

Does your child wear a nappy and/or are they tube fed?  

Our sleeveless bodysuits with our specially designed for tube access.  Our G-tube kids clothing makes it easy to access PEG/feeding tubes, monitors and leads creating a more enjoyable experience for both parents and child.  

Discover specialist feeding vests that can allow you to properly care for your child.

The access is ideal for any PEG/G-tubes and sub-pubic catheters.

See comment below from one of our customers:

"Thank you for these wonderful garments. Life for me and Zahra without them would be so much more difficult. The tube access vests allows me to feed Zahra in public a lot more discreetly. I absolutely love them and I recommend to anyone I know with similar needs." - Donna, United Kingdom