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Hip Protector

Men and Women's Hip Protector Pants and Pads  


Men's and Women's Hip Protector Pants and Foam Pads have been used for many years to try to reduce hip fractures.

Hip fractures in the elderly are a significant cause of pain and suffering.They are also associated with poor post-surgical outcomes and disability, and very high costs.

Most hip fractures happen in the home and residential institutions, and almost all are associated with falls. The most common point of fracture is the neck of the femur.

There are two approaches for this  situation:


Protector Pants 

Hip Protectors Pads (foam) that are designed to reduce the impact on the femur during a fall and prevent fractures. They may also provide some comfort and protection after a hip replacement operation.

There are three types of foam pads available: 

1) SuperSoft (These Pads are good for situations where the pads do not need to be washed).

2) SuperSoft Washable (These Pads are good for situations where the pads need to be washed).

3) SuperSoft Washable T5 (These Pads are slightly thicker, offering better impact absorption)

    The most popular are the SuperSoft Washable Pads. All pads use a unique black foam backing. This black foam lifts the foam protection pads slightly off the skin allowing for air circulation. It also helps to hold the pad in position within the pocket.  


    There are two types of Hip Protector Pants available:

    Access Pants,

    Standard Hip Protector Pants

      Access Pants are worn underneath an incontinence pad. This means that they can be left on when a person uses the toilet, protecting them at a time where they may be at risk of falls.


      The Standard Hip Protector Pants are identical to the Access Pants, just without the cutouts. They are used instead of regular underpants. Both versions have pockets in each side.


      The Hip Protector Pants come in a wide range of sizes for men and women to help ensure a comfortable fit.   

      See our products below: 

      Note: It is hoped the Hip Protector Pads will prevent injury.  As people can fall in many different ways, we can make no expressed or implied guarantee that the Hip Protector Pads will prevent injury. Please read the Important Notice to the Purchaser on our Instruction Sheet.

      We recommend consulting an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or other Health Professional to approve the suitability of this product.