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Post Surgery Clothing

Dressing and undressing can be very difficult for people who have just undergone surgery, who have orthopedic devices such as casts, who are chronically ill, or who are elderly. All these people have limited mobility, making it hard to get dressed in normal clothing.

Today, people deal with the problem by wearing unsightly hospital gowns, baggy unattractive sweatpants, or over-sized shirts. People who have a cast, boot, or brace may rip old clothes to accommodate the device.

Our mission is to provide adaptive post surgery brands for the style and comfort of millions of people who face the daily struggle of getting dressed in conventional clothing. 

We carry the following types of Post Surgery Clothing:  

1) Medical grade post-surgical body compression garments to help your body recover and heal itself properly after a procedure. This includes both cosmetic, and medical post-surgical garments. If you are getting a procedure done, what you wear after a procedure is critical in aiding in the reduction of pain and essential in hastening the recovery process. Body compression garments have been used to promote healing and increased blood flow to the area to speed up the recovery process. 

These type of clothing are perfect for:

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