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Women's Adaptive Clothing Redefined >> 2-Garment System


Adaptiveclothes.com has partnered with Monarch to provide a -garment system that offers the best of both function and fashion and has been engineered to:

  1. Make dressing easier for both the wearer and the carer

  2. Protect delicate skin

  3. Keep the wearer comfortable

  4. Stay looking good after multiple wearings

Our innovative dressing solution makes life easier for both the wearer and the carer. It takes the pain and the strain out of the dressing process, and it’s easier and faster

Our mission is to design the best clothes for individuals who need help dressing, and that means clothes that go on easily, provide comfort and look stylish. There are two pieces in the system, designed to work together.

Step 1: The MonarchUNDER  goes on first, next to the skin to provide protection and comfort.

The MonarchUNDER is the base garment that goes on next to the skin. The unique wrap design means the body stays covered in a single layer of soft, natural breathable fabric. There’s no gaping at the back that exposes skin and no fabric bunching up to cause pressure sores. Easy snap closures are cushioned by fabric, and there’s no Velcro to scratch the skin or cause damage in the laundry.

Step 2: The MonarchOVER  goes on top for general style and color.

The MonarchOVER is the fashion piece that you layer on top of the MonarchUNDER.  It glides on the arms from the front with next to no effort and conceals all but the back of the  MonarchUNDER. And when you want to change, you can put a new MonarchOVER on in seconds. It’s available in different designs, colors and patterns, giving you variety in your wardrobe. With the MonarchOVER, you get to show off your individual style. 

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