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CEO: Frank J. Gaeta Jr

About the CEO:

Frank Gaeta Jr lives in the town of Saint James, NY and is a member of the Saint James Chamber of Commerce. He recently retired after 35 years in the IT field. For the past 5 years Frank and his wife Jennifer have been taking care of both sets of parents. This includes managing their medication, going to doctors and dressing the parent in appropriate clothes to support their medical needs.

Frank is currently writing a book about the adaptive clothes industry and has published numerous articles in Trade magazines.

His company (Adaptive Clothes) has donated money to:


    1.    Adapt Community Network, 

    2.    National MS Society,

    3.    Organization for Autism Research, 

    4.    Second Wind Dreams, 

    5.    Sloan Kettering Cancer Center,

    6.    Wounded Warrior Foundation