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"Hi, happy to connect! Adaptive clothing is such a great idea! Love what you guys are doing, keep up the great work."@Brianna3207 via Twitter - 1/13/18

"Just browsing with no need for this type of clothing. However VERY NICE TO SEE patterns, style, and lots of colours rather than the boring black most women choose these days. Everywhere and every event seems ike a funeral! Congratulations to you for more cheerful clothing!" Vistor 4311 via LiveChat     - 12/27/17 

"It's great how you kept in top of my elusive delivery.  The great customer service is worth more than anything else and that means more to me."- Lee Davis via email -12/11/17

"Love this company. I appreciate the thought that has gone into the products, its so hard to find innovation in special needs garments." - Leslie Hanes via Facebook -11/17/17

"Thank you for the great customer service and fast delivery." - Elizabeth Elizabethclark via Facebook - 4/11/17