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Just a few comments from our customers.....

    "I read your website About Us & admire that you and your wife took care of both sets of parents and that you saw first-hand the need for a responsive adaptive care source and decided to step up.  You deserve to make lots of money in this venture if you continue to be as responsive to all the Baby Boomers as you have been to me.  After all, ours is the largest segment of the nation's population and we're growing.  My advice to you: You're probably going to need a bigger boat. (Even though I've read somewhere it's much better to establish a small crew of super-dedicated employees who work well together as a team and then pay them well.) I feel that I'm going it alone half the time & making mistakes that result in pain so imagine my surprise to find someone like you who is actually making a monumental effort to help. "  - Jill M. via email - 1/20/19

"We love the blanket and sheet. All the products received were awesome! Aside from the shipping delay it’s been a great experience. Your fantastic customer support more than made up for it. I am sure that I will be placing another order in the future." - Maria Y. via email - 1/11/19 

"The best customer service ever!" - Karen L. via product feedback - 1/4/19

"I picked my order at the P. O. today. The shirt is lovely and of the highest quality, as all the shirts are. Thank you for offering clothing that makes some peoples lives a lot easier. You run a first class business.  Thank you for the clothing, quick shipping and quick response to my questions." -  Mailik. via  email - 9/18/18

"I read about your company in the July edition of Our Town magazine. I wanted  to commend you for figuring out how to make such a wonderful line of clothes to make life easier for people with different issues. Best of luck." - Anne Marie S. via  email - 7/24/18

"The super soft bodysuit -This product is amazing. Very good material, well made and very soft. Customer service was excellent." - Alison P. via the product review section - 6/28/18

"Thanks for the men’s "Dignity Pajamas" sleepwear. Unfortunately, my father past away before he could use it. Your kind understanding in refunding my money was heartwarming. Thanks, Adaptive clothes for your understanding. Great customer service." -  Shaheb Irfan via Facebook  - 4/26/18

"I was really pleased with my purchases and the service rendered. I will definitely buy again."  - Joann B. via Facebook  - 4/16/18

"The Rebound shirt for post surgery is amazing! Better than we were expecting. And thank you for the gripper socks. Well pleased! We will be using this company again." - Trina S. via Product Review - 3/26/18

"How lucky to have found ADAPTIVE CLOTHES!! Comfort and style for my old friend, Mondo, who spends most of his time in a wheelchair. Thank you!" Sonja Karlsen via Facebook - 3/22/18

"My wife spends her days in a wheelchair or bed. She has an indwelling catheter that needs flushing daily. We also check her diaper frequently so that she remains comfortable. The CareZips Pants make her care a much easier process for her and the caregivers. I am surprised that more people with conditions like my wife are not aware of this product." - Ronald via email - 2/17/18

"Hi, happy to connect! Adaptive clothing is such a great idea! Love what you guys are doing, keep up the great work."@Brianna3207 via Twitter - 1/13/18

"Just browsing with no need for this type of clothing. However VERY NICE TO SEE patterns, style, and lots of colors rather than the boring black most women choose these days. Everywhere and every event seems like a funeral! Congratulations to you for more cheerful clothing!" Vistor 4311 via LiveChat  - 12/27/17 

"It's great how you kept in top of my elusive delivery.  The great customer service is worth more than anything else and that means more to me."- Lee Davis via email - 12/11/17

"Love this company. I appreciate the thought that has gone into the products, its so hard to find innovation in special needs garments." - Leslie Hanes via Facebook -11/17/17

"I would just like to say thank you for these wonderful garments. Life for me and Zahra without KayCey would be so much more difficult. It allows me to feed Zahra in public a lot more discreetly. I absolutely love them and I recommend to anyone I know with similar needs. I even showed Zahras consultant who took a picture to show other families. Many thanks!"- Donna via email - 11/12/17

"Extremely pleased with the CareZip product. I have purchased approximately 12 pair for my father who had right leg amputation. These pants look like dress pants, they are comfortable, easy care, light weight, he sleeps In these pants and has some for day wear. The third zipper is a life saver for my dad. He tells everyone how pleased he is with it. It gives him more independence and makes it easy to go to the bathroom without getting completely undressed. Suggest going up a size for easier dressing from a wheelchair or bed.” Connie M. via email - 10/13/17 

"Thank you for the great customer service and fast delivery." -  Elizabeth Clark via Facebook - 4/11/17  

"I purchased a Reboundwear shirt following shoulder surgery, and I am using it all the time for workouts and physical therapy. It's a quality product, and the customer service goes above and beyond. In heartily recommend this product." - Elizabeth W.via email - 9/23/16 

"I am so pleased to endorse Reboundwear's innovative line of adaptive athletic clothing...specifically designed for people with physical impairment and/or disability. As a physician treating people with disability for 45 years, I am not aware of any other company designing and producing adaptive clothes for that population. I must compliment you for using quality materials with comfortably soft fabrics."- Kristjan T. Ragnarsson, MD. Physiatrist and Rehabilitation - Specialist, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NY - via email - 4/29/16