Women's Bra Front Closure For Seniors - Arthritis Bra Front Fastening - Adaptive Clothes
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Bras - Bra Front Closure For Seniors - Arthritis Bra Front Fastening For Elderly
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Women's Bra Front Closure For Seniors - Arthritis Bra Front Fastening For Elderly (size: from 34 to 48)

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Bra Front Closure for Elderly

Front Open Bra - Eezee Arthritic front closing bra is designed to slip on and off with ease. This is the best front opening easy on bra for those with arthritis or lowered hand dexterity.

Tired of struggling with tiny hooks? This easy fastener front hook closing brassiere is your answer with only three large flat hooks! A Easy Touch tab in front of each hook guides the hook into its closure.

  • Simple Hook and Loop fastener Bras will come undone without secure hooks.

  • This bra features large finger loops for easy grasping.

  • Two fingers and the palm of the hand are all you need to close or open this bra.

  • Terrific for those with limited hand dexterity, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, torn rotator cuff and limited upper arm mobility.

  • Soft cotton interlock blend.

  • This arthritic front closing bra does not come in cup sizes, but will accommodate an A to D cup size.

  • Terrific for senior/elderly women with arthritis, who have had a stroke or are disabled.

    Bra Sizing:

  1. Measure around ribs, just below bust (Tape measure should be snug, but not tight).

    1. Add 4 to 6 inches to your underbust measurement to calculate the size you should order. (For a snug fit add 4 inches, For a loose fit add 6 inches).

    Example: An individual measures 34 inches under their bust. A snug close fit would be size 38. A looser more generous fit would be size 40.

    A good-quality, well-adjusted bra in the right size can make all the difference, both in comfort and appearance.

    The first step to identifying your bra size is measuring around the bottom of the band directly under the bust using a measuring tape (while not wearing a bra or this can be done wearing a non-padded bra), wrap the measuring tape firmly directly under your bust.

    For the most accurate result, It may help to get another person to measure you.

    Remember, these measurements only serve as a guide, since your size may vary depending on styles.

    Step 1:

    Ensure to round the number to the nearest whole number.

    If the number is even add 4" to your measurement (so if you measured 32" your band size is 36").

    If the number is odd add 5" (so if you measure 33" your band size is 38").

    Step 2:

    Wrap the measuring tape somewhat loosely around the fullest part of your chest. Ensure to round to the measurement to the nearest whole number just as you did in step 1.

    Step 3:

    The final step is calculating your cup size.

    Subtract your band size measurement from your bust measurement and refer to the chart size.

    For example: if your bust size is 37" and your band size is 34 inches, 37 - 34 = 3, Your bra size is 34C


    See size chart for details.



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